1) Confirm your eligibility. We need to confirm you as an “accredited” investor in order to show you any of our investment options.

2) Select your investment. We can show you the details of several investments and you can select the investment which appeals most to you.

3) Hire an immigration attorney.

4) Prepare your visa petition. Your immigration attorney will provide you with a list of required documents and information (birth certificates, tax returns, etc.)

5) File your petition. Your attorney files your application (your family will be dependents on your application).

6) We manage your investment. At this point, your investment and immigration diverge. We start managing the investment on your behalf.

7) Wait patiently. Your application will wait in a queue at USCIS for approximately 8-18 months. Current average time is 15 months per USCIS.

8) Interview. Once approved, you will be notified and can make an appointment at your country’s US embassy or consulate for an interview. Once approved, they will provide you with documents to present to US immigration upon your arrival in the US. At that point, you become a US permanent resident (Green Card holder).

9) Confirm your visa responsibilities. There is a second filing, called Form I-829. Upon review and approval by USCIS, they will replace your conditional green card with the permanent green card.

10) Completion of the investment. The investment continues separately and will be repaid per its own terms.


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