An EB-5 investor visa regional center is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and government-approved organization that sponsors investment projects for investment by potential EB-5 investors and encourages the promotion of economic growth through the EB-5 program. Many EB-5 applicants use regional centers to guide them through the entire application process to help increase their chances of submitting a petition that is processed and approved without delay. While using a regional center does not guarantee an approved application, advisement from a team of qualified immigration lawyers can lower the chances of petition delay or rejection.

Here are three reasons why every EB-5 applicant should use a regional center:

1.) EB-5 Funding Guidance

A regional center can provide guidance on how and where you can source your EB-5 investment funds. A number of persons view the EB-5 investment as a financial impossibility and are unaware of the ways through which they can fund their investment. The EB-5 investment can be gathered from a number of sources, such as a loan from a bank or family members, and regional centers can provide guidance as to which sources are best suited for you. Choosing the correct regional center can provide applicants with extensive information concerning their options for funding, making the raising of funds for EB-5 investment an easier, less stressful process.

2.) Choosing an EB-5 Project

There are a number of project investment possibilities, the choices of which can be confusing to someone who has no knowledge of the finer details of how the EB-5 investment is used to benefit a project. With the help of a regional center, EB-5 applicants can be educated on various projects and confidently choose which project their investment should be made towards. EB-5 applicants who choose to make their investment on their own may invest into a poorly managed project or may even fall for an EB-5 project scam and make their investment into a project that is not EB-5 eligible. Certified regional centers only work with EB-5 eligible projects and provide applicants with clarity on the type of project they are choosing and how their investment will impact that project.

3.) Organize Documentation for Submission

Application to the EB-5 program requires an extensive amount of documentation, both legal and financial, that can be incredibly difficult to understand without the relevant immigration background. Organization of these documents can be handled by the regional center, working with qualified immigration lawyers to advise on the completion of each necessary document. Many EB-5 applicants prefer working with a regional center as opposed to direct investment, as regional centers require less overall documentation due to the fact that each project they sponsor has been previously approved and verified. One of the major requirements of the EB-5 investor visa is that the project generates and provides a minimum of ten (10) jobs to persons eligible to work in the United States. The extensive documentation and economic reports involved in an EB-5 application is the primary reason many applicants choose not to apply with direct investment. Compiling all of the necessary reports is an easy task for an experienced regional center that manages multiple projects, whereas a direct investment applicant must retrieve and organize all information needed on their own.

The use of a well-established regional center and knowledgeable law firm or legal team can make the EB-5 application process smoother and more efficient for an EB-5 applicant. More and more EB-5 hopefuls are using regional centers to increase their chances of having successful application processes and, ultimately, receive approval for their EB-5 investor visa.