1)    Higher Acceptance Rates, Lower Tuition: Green card holders enjoy higher college and graduate school acceptance rates. Every US institution categorizes applicants into two categories – American, and international. By obtaining a green card via the EB-5 program, Indian students can apply as an American, which strongly increases the odds of acceptance into a top tier American university. Green card holders also qualify for two additional benefits – access to merit based scholarships and lower tuition rates.  American universities do not extend most scholarships to international applicants – however, by obtaining a green card, students are able to apply for these types of scholarships. Additionally, and as a green card holder – if state requirements are met – students can often apply for up to 30% off international tuition rates per year.

2)    Unrestricted Travel Privileges: Green card holders do not need to apply for tourist, student, or work visas.  A green card eliminates the sometimes-difficult challenges associated with applying for and obtaining a US student visa.

3)    Earn a Path to Lifetime American Citizenship While Studying: Five years after receiving a green card, an Indian student is able to apply to become a US citizen, and obtain a permanent US passport. This timeline corresponds well to most Indian students’ timelines – 4 years at US university, 1-2 years working in the US, and then a return to India or a departure from America. By applying for the EB-5 program early in their college career, Indian students can have a US Passport by the time they return to India, which they can keep for the rest of their life, with no restrictions or expirations.

4)    Better Job Prospects: With the uncertain and unlikely odds of obtaining an H1-B visa, the EB-5 green card greatly increases the job prospects for Indian students upon graduation. As any Indian job applicant knows, the first question on many American job applications is “Are you a permanent resident of the United States?” Without being a permanent resident, many top tier companies are hesitant to employ Indian students at their companies. By taking advantage of the EB-5 green card, students open up a world of possibilities in the American job market.

5)    Easy Transition from existing F-1 Visa (Student) to EB-5 Visa: Students attending school on an F-1 visa, who want to apply for the EB-5 program, are excellent candidates. After gaining acceptance into the EB-5 program, students simply mail in their passport to the US Government, and the status change is completed. There is no need to leave the country, apply for special permission, or otherwise be inconvenienced in transitioning from a student visa to the F-1 program.