Now is a unique time in the history of the US and the world. Never has there been a stronger desire for foreign residents to become US citizens – but at the same time – never has there been more uncertainty about what options are available to those that are interested.

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With a variety of mixed signals being sent from the White House, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the US Congress – it is more important than ever to be able to sort fact from fiction.

The simple reality is that there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding the “H-1B” visa program – which causes many people to ask the question – “What other options do I have?”

In order to answer that question – you must first ask – how are people currently getting US Permanent Residency (Green Cards)?

  1. Family – Every year 226,000 immigrant visas are issued via a family relationship with U.S. citizens or green card holder. While some people might have some eligibility – the waiting times can be as long as 20 years for certain people.Here is the U.S. Government Program Description

  2. Work – Every year around 140,000 visas are granted via U.S. company sponsorship. This includes things like Mick Jagger’s Green Card (He was born in the UK) to highly specialized employees’ green cards. However, particularly for the “EB-2” and “EB-3 categories – the wait for a green card can be incredibly long. Without reform – some people put the estimated wait time as long as 200 years! Here is the U.S. Government Program Description.

  3. Refugees/Asylum: It is very clear if this applies to you, and if you are reading this, it almost certainly doesn’t. Here is the U.S. Government Program Description

  4. Diversity Visa: This is a fast, inexpensive way to get a green card. Unfortunately, it is called a “lottery” for good reason – you have a 00.003% chance of getting a green card this way. Here is the U.S. Government Program Description

  5. The Little Known (Outside China) “EB-5” Visa: 10,000 foreigners receive green cards per year via the “EB-5 Program”. It is fast (sometimes as quickly as 6 months) and has an approval rate above 90%. The catch? You need to invest $500,000 into a specially approved U.S. project for 5 years. Here is the good news though – you can combine this amount from family, friends, loans, and other sources – we’ve worked with people who used 5 different sources of funding to get to this amount – not to mention that you get the money back after 5 years! U.S. Government Program Description.