Born in Isreal and coming to the United States in the late-1990s, the path of Adi Tatarko is summed up by the woman herself. She once said that “We are not typical founders. We are simple people. We don’t come from privileged backgrounds”.

While she would eventually found Houzz, she began working part-time as a financial advisor so she could take care of her two sons. With a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Hebrew University Israel, she founded Houzz, a home design site with her husband in 2009.

The entire concept of the business was launched because they were having trouble finding ideas for remodeling their house. Thanks to that website, the couple has found fortune and Adi Tatarko is worth $430 million.

Each month, Houzz attracts 40 million unique visitors per month, and features 1.5 million home design professionals based out of 15 countries around the world. In 2017, the venture-backed company raised enough money to be valued at $4 billion.

Today, the couple owns 25 per cent of the company and Adi Tatarko was ranked #46 on Forbes Magazine list of the America’s Self-Made Women in 2018.

Adi Tatarko is the perfect example of someone who came from a simple background, arrived in the United States and had to work hard to keep her family fed and came up with a great idea. That idea has allowed her to become a multimillionaire and given her financial security she never thought possible.

With an idea, a dream and some hard work, she realized what many immigrants coming to the United States soon realize. Anything is possible.