In recent decades the US has received a significant inflow of affluent migrants from south of the border, many of them choosing to live in Miami.

Armed with work permits, university degrees, and high expectations of upward mobility, many of them buy houses with swimming pools, big lawns and access to good school districts.

Miami is more at ease with the overwhelming influence of Latin America in this metropolis of 2.5 million inhabitants, where close to 70% of the population is Hispanic.

Spanish is spoken almost everywhere and everyone is fine with it.

“Miami is very attractive for Latin Americans. They get to be in the United States, with all its advantages, but keeping familiar cultural roots,” says Mr Restrepo.

Mr Restrepo is part of a Latin diaspora that has turned Miami into the US metropolis with the largest percentage of foreign-born residents, close to 51% of the population, according to Guillermo Grenier, a professor of sociology at Florida International University.

More reasons why Miami is an excellent place for latinos?

– the city is home to many successful sports teams such as the Miami Heat or the Florida Marlins.

– don’t worry about healthcare because there are many good hospitals located in the metro area and a high-quality trauma center.

– there are several public and private schools located in Miami’s metro area as well as international schools.

– public transportation system can get you anywhere but you can always use your car too.

– of course, the lifestyle. From NBA championships, Super Bowls, MTV Video Music Awards, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, countless extravagant hotel openings, and headline-making New Year’s Eve festivities, Miami never ceases to amaze.

So, if you are looking for place to live after you migrate to the U.S, Miami might be it!

(A version of this article appeared on BBC News)

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