Indian-American computer architect is one of the unsung pioneers in the technology world.

He co-invented the USB standard, a functionality that every computing device uses today in some form or another, i.e. more than 10 billion devices use this worldwide.

Quick facts:

– Born in 1957 in India.

– Bhatt graduated from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in India.

– He came to the U.S. to further his studies, completing his master’s degree from The City University of New York before joining Intel in 1990.

– He became Intel’s chief client platform architect.

– His team began working on the USB, as well as several other crucial standards in graphics and computer architecture.
– This work eventually garnered 31 US patents.

– The USB patents were under Intel, so could not benefit from the millions of dollars it generated.

– However, he is okay with that.

“I don’t do these things for money,” Ajay Bhatt, Intel’s chief systems technologist, who’s largely responsible for inventing USB technology, told Business Insider. “I did this to bring about change, and it’s not very often that somebody gets a chance to bring about this big a change.”

– In recognition for his contribution to the PCI Express standard, Bhatt received an Achievement in Excellence Award in 2002.

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