When approaching retirement, many consider international relocation  to assure a secure and restful transition from working life. EIC has worked with retiring professionals who have determined that a retirement via the US Immigrant Investor Program, also known as the EB-5 program, is the perfect mechanism to retire in the US. Why?

  • No Job Required: Under the program, there is no requirement to work in order to maintain a green card. Compared to many types of American and international visas, the US Investor visa program does not require any active participation by the investor in the business they invest in. After a long working career, many international professionals enjoy the freedom to not work, or to work on non-profit ventures while living in the US.

  • Access to Medicare and World Class HealthCare: US Immigrant Investors, after living in the US for five years and after the age of 65 can enjoy health insurance benefits from the U.S. government. Additionally, the US hosts world class doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities. As retirement approaches, the peace of mind gained by living near world class American healthcare is unparalleled.

  • Geographic Freedom and Great Weather: Unlike many other global programs, the US Immigration Investor program allows applicants to live anywhere in the US. Being able to live in a world class location like California, Arizona, and Florida is appealing for many retiring professionals.

  • Permanent Status – As long as the immigrant investor follows US law, their residency in the US is permanent. There is no need to endure expensive and worrisome renewal procedures under the US Immigrant Investor program. Applicants can comfortably retire into the US, with zero concern for having to relocate again in the future.

  • Protection Against Currency Depreciation: Converting local currency into US dollars protects hard earned wealth. The US Immigrant investor visa keeps investments secure in US dollars and strong projects, which means that any currency depreciations in other countries will not affect investors’ savings.