It is one of the most interesting and diverse places to live in the U.S.

With immigration-friendly laws, great economy, tech innovations, amazing environment and a wide range of cultures, it is the best place for immigrants to start a life.

Why its a great place for immigrants?

Immigration friendly laws – The Sanctuary bill that was passed in the California State Senate and provides greater legal protections for immigrants.

Adventure. You can travel through the mountains, roam the streets, visit exotic locals and take rides through the city, there’s an endless supply of scenic beauty to take in.

With a powerful economy that competes with world’s largest countries, it provides opportunities for everyone, in every walk of life. How? Through:

– The world-renowned entertainment industry – want to make it into movies or music? This is the place to be.

– Technology industry – ready to build the next Google or Facebook, then Silicone Valley it is!

– Agriculture industry – Want to feed the world? Then California is king.

– Natural resources – there’s logging, oil drilling, and many more natural resources in California.

– Tourism is another booming industry!

– Service industries – don’t forget, 40 million residents need assistance, so salons, hair stylists, plumbers, etc.

Because of these thriving industries, everyone can find something to do.

Don’t forget the cultural diversity here is exceptional, with every nationality and ethnicity being represented.

Because of this diversity, there’s an endless supply of authentic ethnic cuisines available for you to enjoy.

Over 800 miles of coastline you can see infamous parks like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Redwood National, California. So, you will always have something and somewhere to go on weekends.

Of course, California’s Silicon Valley. Known as the global center of high-tech innovation, this is where immigrants run the most successful and powerful startups in the world.

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