There are twelve Disney theme parks located all over the world, ranging from locations in the United States (California and Florida) to a few international locations (Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China). Families from all around the world flock to these parks en masse every year, with millions of visitors entering Disney parks annually. While each park has its own magical attractions, Disney World and Disneyland are two of the most visited worldwide Disney resorts, located in Orlando, Florida, and Anaheim, California respectively.

For families, couples, or individuals desirous of visiting either of these two popular parks, here are a few tips to make your trip simple, easy, and fun.

Choose Your Visit Time Wisely

Well-known vacation destinations are flocked during the holiday season and the number of visitors often increases based on school schedules, weather patterns, and the activity of annual pass holders. Although it may be tempting to visit Disneyland or Disney World during the summer months or school vacations, the possibility of hours-long ride lines and overcrowded streets increases. Interested in visiting during the summer? Try going before the rush, in May or June, or after the larger crowds have left, in September and onwards.

Purchase Tickets Online

The urge to wait until you’ve gotten to your Disney park of choice in order to buy tickets may seem like a relatively rational decision, however, it’s a decision that will cost you hours of possible exploration time. Even during the down seasons, Disney ticket lines can take over an hour to filter through and many line areas are only partially covered or protected from the elements. There are many discounts available online through the Disney website and a few third-party sites, ultimately making online ticket purchase a time-saving option and, often, a money-saving option also.

Arrive Early

The shortest wait times for any given ride occur in the mornings, as there are fewer visitors entering the park in the early morning hours. While the evenings may have a slightly less long wait time, ultimately, morning lines can be two hours shorter than peak daytime lines – allowing for longer hours of enjoyment throughout the park in the busier hours. Arriving early also allows visitors to get easier access to popular theme park restaurants and souvenir shops that may otherwise be packed with other visitors as the day draws on.

Download the Disney Mobile App

When the Disney parks first opened, modern-day technology was not available to assist park guests in navigating through the maze that can be Disneyland and Disney World. New attractions are added often, and due to these additions, the layout of each park can be changed in just a few months’ time. Use of the Disney app can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting lost or wandering aimlessly while searching for the desired attractions or stores. The app also gives information on ride closures, park notices, emergency alerts, and an estimation of wait times for each ride.

Stay on the Park or Close By

Last, but not least, staying on the resort or very near it is the key to making the most of your trip and your days at Disney. The resorts often give guests access to exclusive resort perks, such as being able to enter the park an hour early on a few days of the week. Resorts also have their own restaurants and shops, making it unnecessary to leave the campus for food or supplies, which can take up time due to traffic or the park’s distance from certain resources. Traveling to and from the park can often take an hour or more, even coming from the resort. Since the average guest obtains a three-day pass, ensuring that their commute time from their hotel or room to the park is as short as possible can increase the time they have available to experience the popular attractions and explore the park as they intended.

Disney theme parks are great fun for the family and can also be great vacation destinations for couples and singles. It is important to plan any intended vacation in detail to ensure that the trip will be fun, enjoyable, and stress-free for all involved. While Disney parks can be amazing destinations, without proper planning they can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating. With just a few key tips, any Disney theme park visit can be the perfect family vacation!