America is one of the best places to acquire a car…

– Financing is easy
– Choices are numerous compared to other countries
– Prices are better for almost all makes and models.
– Gas is affordable
– The extensive highway system is one of the best in the world.

Choosing and acquiring a car will be one of the most enjoyable of your settling-in experiences.

So how does one go about it?

– You’ll need to take 2 major decisions.

New Car vs. Used Car
Leasing vs. Buying

– You can purchase a car from the dealer or through a private party.

– You must register and buy insurance for your car.

– If you have a permanent driver’s license and buy your car from a car dealer, the dealer will give you a temporary license plate. You must register the car to get a permanent plate.

– If you do not receive a temporary license plate, you should take the car to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to be registered as soon as possible.

After that process is finished, you can then drive legally in the United States.


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