Obtaining a Green Card  to live and work in the United States is a lifelong goal for many foreign entrepreneurs around the world. Turning the dream of becoming a U.S. citizen into a reality can be as simple as investing in one of the many real estate projects associated with the EB-5 Immigration Program. Yes, you can get a US green card through investment in real estate.

The only drawbacks many wishing to apply are faced with are the numerous laws and regulations that must be strictly adhered to. The sheer volumes of paperwork that must be tracked and filed can quickly become overwhelming. Becoming mired in the details of these requirements can dampen the spirit of any qualified applicant trying to get to America.

But, for those who are truly determined to arrive in the U.S., there is always a way. One of the most successful steps you can take to ensure you make it to the U.S. is to invest in one of many real estate ventures approved as part of the EB-5 Immigration Program. This will grant you and your family a green card through investment in real estate.


The Eb-5 Program and the Regional Center Program Explained

The EB-5 Program was developed in 1990 as a means to bolster the U.S. economy by spurring job growth and raising capital investments from foreign investors. Shortly after, in 1992, the U.S. Congress introduced the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program, which also came to be known as the Regional Center Program.

Administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) , this program allows foreign entrepreneurs, along with their spouses and any unmarried children who have yet to reach age twenty-one to apply for a U.S. Green Card granted they match two main criteria:

1. Foreign Entrepreneurs applying must be able to invest a minimum amount of $500,000 in an approved commercial enterprise based within the United States.

2. Applicants must be also able to provide ten new jobs for qualified American workers or preserve an equal number of existing jobs. (This is typically done by the developer of the real estate project you are investing in to get your green card.

Once you decide to apply for your American visa, you’ll find that the EB-5 Investor Program may be the most direct route to successfully traversing U.S. citizenship requirements, and receiving your green card for you and your family.


Choosing the Right EB-5 Investment Project


Competition among U.S. based businesses has become fierce since developers began to use the program as a reliable source of funding to complete major projects in the U.S. This competition has created hundreds of opportunities for foreign investors to enter the U.S. through an approved legal immigration process.

Recently, the USCIS stated that since 2012, the program has raised a minimum of $8.7 billion for the American economy, and has created no less than 35,000 jobs for U.S. citizens. Roughly 16B since being established.

Considering that the program is only allowed to grant 10,000 Green Cards per year, it is vital that you locate a U.S. investment opportunity that has been approved by the USCIS.

That is why EB-5Investments.com exists. With EB-5 Investments potential EB-5 investors can view, critique and compare current EB-5 investment opportunities. If you are going to gain your green card through investment in real estate you should be able to see what the top options are.   Click here to learn more about investing in USCIS approved projects.


EB-5 News: Increases to the Minimum Investment Requirements May Be on the Horizon


As recently as January of this year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has hinted that it wants to raise the minimum investment requirement from $500,000 to as much as $1.35 million when that project falls within a targeted employment area or TEA.

Typically, a project is considered to be TEA based on local analysis that states that the region is experiencing levels of high unemployment, or lie in known rural areas.

Currently, the guidelines of what meets the TEA criteria is in the hands of each state.  However, with a new administration taking control of the White House, the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to take over this role.

This means that the EB-5 program, which is the most popular residency program in the entire world, may be in for a shake-up, and those eager to legally migrate to the U.S. would be well advised to take advantage of the current system before any changes can be made permanent.



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