Mexican-American award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana is leader of Santana, a band whose music uniquely blends Latin-infused rock, jazz, blues, salsa and African rhythms.

Born on July 20, 1947, in Autlán de Navarro, Mexico, Carlos Santana moved to San Francisco in the early 1960s, where he formed the Santana Blues Band in 1966.

The band, later simply known as Santana, signed a contract with Columbia Records, with Carlos becoming the consistent front man.

Throughout the 1970s and early ’80s, Santana released a string of successful albums such as Abraxas, Lotus and Amigos, making a big comeback in 1999 with the Grammy-winning Supernatural.
In 2009, he received a Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award and several years later became a Kennedy Center Honors recipient.

In 2014, Santana published his memoir The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light. “I’m not Latino, or Spanish; what I am is a child of light,” the musician said in an NPR interview. “I want this book for people to understand that you don’t have to be the Dalai Lama, or the Pope, or Mother Teresa, or Jesus Christ to create blessings and miracles.”

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