While many people see the clear advantages of the American Investor Immigration Program (90% approval and speedy processing times) – some are reluctant to move forward because of a perceived lack of the required $500,000.

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While a totally understandable concern– the reality is that it can be much easier to generate the funds than you expect. Why? Two main reasons, outlined below.

You can combine different sources of funding to generate the required amount. As an example, let me lay out the funding sources for a recent Ellis Island Capital client, who needed to get creative in order to generate the required funding.

  • Source 1: Personal Savings. Our client had about $100,000 saved

  • Source 2: Home Equity Loan Against Parents House in India: $300,000

  • Source 3 & 4: Gifts from 2 different wealthy friends living in the US –$100,000

  • Total: $500,000

As you can see – this person applied for the American Investor Immigration program using only $100,000 of their own money! That is much more achievable for many people. Working with our expert team of accountants and lawyers, Ellis Island Capital can guide you through this entire process step by step.


You get the money back. 99% of Ellis Island Capital clients don’t just have $500,000 sitting in their bank account. That is totally ok, and extremely common.

It is key to remember, after five years, the immigrant investor gets the money back – except now they have US permanent residency!

Imagine this scenario:

  • Client takes a 5-year interest only loan on a piece of property in the US, with 0% down payment

  • Client pays $25,000 USD in interest per year to service the debt. (I’m using 5% here for simplicities’ sake)

  • When the principle balance comes due in 5 years, the EB-5 money has already been returned to the investor – and now can be used to pay off the principle balance.

  • That means for $25,000 USD in interest charges, and zero money down – you can start the American Investor Immigration program.

Once again, as you can see – the person applied to the American Investor Immigration program with zero money down, and using a very common interest only loan.


In summary – getting started is easier than you think! Just because you don’t have $500,000 sitting in your checking account, doesn’t mean you can’t get started soon.

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