Columbia University is one of the world’s most respected Ivy League research universities. Attended by some of the most influential people in the world, it is one of the most sought after colleges by foreign students. Foreign students represent 35% of the total student population.

It is located in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

Why you should attend?

– Located in New York City, Columbia is comprised of three undergraduate schools:

– Columbia College
– The Fu Foundation School of Engineering Applied Sciences
– The School of General Studies

– They also have a number of graduate and professional schools, including:

– Business School
– Teachers College
– Law School
– College of Physicians and Surgeons.
– College of Dental Medicine
– Graduate School of Journalism.

– The location enables you to have access to all of New York’s resources and countless opportunities.

– Class sizes are small compared to other Ivy-league schools like UPenn or Harvard, allowing students and teachers to form great bonds with each other.

– Columbia houses countless internship opportunities that help students receive job offers for when they graduate

– Columbia is a major research University, allowing students to work with professionals in their field of study.

– The university has graduated many notable alumni. They include:

– 5 Founding Fathers of the United States – among these an author of the Declaration of Independence and an author of the United States Constitution
– 10 Justices of the United States Supreme Court
– 95 Nobel laureates
– 20 living billionaires
– 123 Pulitzer Prize winners
– 39 Oscar winners
– 3 United States Presidents
– 29 heads of state
– 101 National Academy members
– 77 National Medal of Science winners
– 23 National Humanities Medal recipients.

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