Completed EB-5 Projects

Miami Completed EB-5 Project

Surf Club @ Four Seasons

Hudson Yards EB-5 Project

Hudson Yards Phase 1

Milwaukee EB-5 Project

Marriott Milwaukee Hotel

$829 Million
Total Budget

EB-5 Investors

$218 Million
Total Budget
EB-5 Investors
$54 Million
Total Budget
EB-5 Investors

The Miami EB-5 project includes the renovation of the historic Surf Club as well as the construction of a 77 key Four Seasons hotel, two residential towers offering 150 luxury condominium unit, four swimming pools, 40 beachside cabanas, a spa and fitness center and two premier restaurants.

Hudson Yards is the cornerstone of the greater Hudson Yards District, which recently has been re-zoned to accommodate nearly 40 million square feet of new mixed-use development. The developer is transforming the entire area all with the help of EB-5 investors.

The Milwaukee EB-5 project saw another Marriott hotel partially funded by EB-5 investors. The hotel has gained popularity as the area’s latest full-service hotel, and Wisconsin’s first 4-star Marriott. The Marriott EB-5 project was offered to 50 EB-5 investors.

New York EB-5 Project

Marriott Moxy at NYU

California EB-5 Project

Madison Park EB-5 Fund

Infrastructure Completed EB-5 Project


$192.7 Million
Total Budget
EB-5 Investors
$85 Million
Total Budget
EB-5 Investors
$417 Million
Total Budget
EB-5 Investors

Marriot at New York University is a special investment by Marriott International, which is the top global lodging company. Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood Hotels makes it the largest hotel company in the world with 1.1 million rooms across over 6,000 hotels in over 120 countries. The Marriott EB-5 project proved very popular with investors looking to get alongside the brand name.

The EB-5 Madison Park project saw EB-5 investors join the Madison Park Financial Corporation to fund the California EB-5 project. Madison Park will guarantee the return of the investment back to the EB-5 fund,  within USCIS Regulations, providing a money-back guarantee corporate asset backed by more than $ 350 million in assets under management.

The PTC Highway Infrastructure Project is a system-wide total reconstruction initiative that entails rebuilding sections of the 60-plus-year-old Pennsylvania Turnpike’s highways from the ground up. This includes constructing new interchanges and widening and reconstructing existing highways. The Pennsylvania EB-5 project is unique because it is a construction works project.

Completed EB-5 Projects

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