Born in Iraq to a Jewish family in 1944, David Hindawi grew up in Baghdad before moving to Israel in 1951. Serving in the Israeli Air Force after college, he would make his way to the United States with little in his pocket in 1970.

Attending Berkeley, where he earned his PhD, he would eventually found a telecommunications company in 1984 called Software Ventures. This was sold in 1995 and in 1997, he founded BigFix Inc., which thrived through the 1990s and 2000s. In 2010, it was bought by IBM for $400 million.

Three years prior to that sale, he would found Tanium Inc. with his son Orion. By 2015, the duo had raised $120 million in new funding that helped to push the value of their company past $3.5 billion. This in turn made father and son, both billionaires.

The success of his company comes from the fact that Tanium uses peer-to-peer system for each computer on a network, which pools date and relays information before sending it back to a single server. This allows it to have better virus protection than other competing companies like McAfee.

Hindawi continued to operate as the CEO of the company until 2016 when his son took over. David continues to serve as the company’s executive chairman.

Today, thanks to his hard work after arriving in the United States, Hindawi is now worth $1 billion. He uses that money to invest in other companies to grow his fortune, while also at the same time providing money to many charities.