Dr. Meyappan is the Chief Scientist for Exploration Technology at NASA Ames Research Centre in California’s Silicon Valley. He was responsible for the first nanotechnology product to be flown to outer space.

A highly decorated nano-scientist with numerous awards and one of the many notable indian origin scientists at NASA.

So, who is he?

– Dr. Meyya Meyyappan was born in Karaikudi in southern India’s Tamil Nadu state.

– He said he did not even dream as a student he would eventually end up in NASA, but he did know he wanted to be an engineer.

– In 1979, he came to the US to study chemical engineering at the Clarkson University in New York. He went on to do his Ph.D. on micro-gravity materials processing, with the research funded by NASA.

– A nanotechnology expert, he has authored or co-authored more than 320 articles in peer-reviewed journals, given more than 200 seminars at universities, and presented more than 250 Invited/Keynote/Plenary Talks on nanotechnology subjects around the world.

– Meyappan won the IEEE Pioneer Award in 2011 for his cutting-edge contribution in carbon nano-tube application development.

– A team of scientists, including Meyappan, was responsible for convincing the US Congress to fund the nano-technology program and currently oversees all the future progress made by NASA in applying nano-technology to Space.

– He also is a founding member of the Interagency Working Group on Nanotechnology (IWGN) established by the Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C.

– He is currently the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Distinguished Lecturer, and was the Distinguished Lecturer on Nanotechnology for both the IEEE Nanotechnology Council and ASME.

– For his contributions and leadership in nanotechnology, he has received numerous awards including:

– Presidential Meritorious Award
– NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal
– Arthur Flemming Award given by the Arthur Flemming Foundation and the George Washington University
– IEEE Judith Resnick Award
– IEEE-USA Harry Diamond Award
– AIChE Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum Award
– Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award by the Engineers’ Council
– Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology by the IEEE-NTC
– Sir Monty Finniston Award by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)
– Outstanding Engineering Achievement Merit Award by the Engineers’ Council
– IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award
– AVS Nanotechnology Recognition Award.

For his sustained contributions to nanotechnology, he was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Council Hall of Fame in 2009. He received an Honorary Doctorate in 2015 from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa for his scientific contributions.

For his educational contributions, he has received:

– Outstanding Recognition Award from the NASA Office of Education
– the Engineer of the Year Award (2004) by the San Francisco Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
– IEEE-EDS Education Award
– IEEE-EAB (Educational Activities Board) Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education.

A very accomplished indian scientist from a Tamil Indian State!

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Source & Photo Credit: NASA