The University of California – Merced Campus, located in Merced County, has partnered with EB-5 Investments to bring an EB-5 equity opportunity to potential EB-5 visa investors.


Merced Station, a private student housing solution, is slated to satisfy a deficit in the housing market for the UC-Merced and Merced College student population. As well as senior bank financing and developer equity, EB-5 investors will help finance the $80 Million total needed to create the new student housing. Merced County is the fastest growing county within the state of California, with a population increase of 1.26% in both 2017 and 2018, up 0.76% from 2016’s numbers. In addition, The University of California has signed off on a 1.3 Billion dollar campus expansion. This is expected to double the UC Merced enrollment to 10,000 students by 2020. However, due to Merced County’s recent two-year growth, there has been a shortage of sale and rental properties in the county making it extremely difficult for many attending students to find affordable housing within a commutable distance to the university

Merced Station stands out from existing EB-5 projects because of its retrogression proof, high return structure with an estimated 10% average annual return. Investors are paid a 5% preferred return per annum, with an additional 35% of profits generated from the venture. A small raise is allocated from EB-5 investors at $12M, translating to a total of twenty-four investors. At the time of writing, this amount is already half allocated with only twelve EB-5 investor slots remaining.

For an in-depth video presentation led by Chief Executive Bobby Laughlin outlining the details of the project and team, the structure of investment and its expected return, please click the link below.

For more details, including analysis and investment documents, you can click here to access the project page by signing up for free.