EB-5 Updates

Answers to Common EB-5 Investor Visa Questions

Deciding that you want to apply for the EB-5 investor visa may leave you with a few questions. Navigating the application process can be tricky without the right information. In late 2019, there were updates made to EB-5 regulations that changed the previous...

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Indians to Pay Extra USD$50,000 for EB-5 Visa

The United States government raised the EB-5 visa minimum investment from USD$500,000 to USD$900,000 in November of 2019. When the increase was announced, this $400,000 spike seemed drastic to many potential EB-5 investors. However, this investment increase was a...

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EB-5 Investor Visa: Breaking Down the New Regulations

On November 21, 2019, a new set of regulations for the EB-5 investor visa came into effect. Shortly after, the government extended the Regional Center Program through September 20, 2020. Although the new regulations bring stricter requirements to the EB-5 visa, the...

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What the new EB-5 regulations mean for TEA specifications

With the introduction of new EB-5 investor visa regulations in November of 2019 came changes to the way the United States government designates approved projects. If an EB-5 project was in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), EB-5 visa petitioners were eligible to invest...

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What does EB-5 visa retrogression mean?

With the news that certain countries are experiencing an EB-5 visa backlog, many current and potential applicants are confused as to what causes these backlogs and what they mean. Visa retrogression, the term used to describe visa backlog, can affect any country or...

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EB-5 Regional Center Program Extended to Nov. 21, 2019

On September 28th, 2019, a Continuing Resolution was passed by Congress and signed by the President that extended the deadline for the EB-5 Regional Center Program. The program will be extended until November 21, 2019, the same date that the EB-5 investor visa minimum...

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Sundar Pichai: Indian Immigrant to Google CEO

Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India in 1972 and lived there until the early 1990s, when he migrated to the United States to complete his master's degree at Stanford University. Sundar, whose real name is Pichai Sundararajan, was born to educated...

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Updates on EB-5 Processing Times

Over the last few months, there have been some updates made to the EB-5 processing statistics. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recently made updates to its statistical data to reflect information regarding I-526 petitions that were processed for...

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What You Can Expect At Your EB-5 Interview

The EB-5 investor visa is intended for foreigners that are interested in immigrating to the United States but do not wish to do so through drawn-out visa methods that require familial ties or finding employment. Currently, the EB-5 investor visa is the quickest way to...

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