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Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park was founded in 1906 to preserve and educate the public on the history of the Ancestral Pueblo people who settled there for over 700 years. The park currently protects almost 5,000 known archeological locations. These sites are some of the most...

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3 Best Places to Live in Colorado

When it comes to home relocation or job opportunities, potential movers often focus on large, bustling states that are well-known for busy cities and large populations. While many of the larger, more popular states do have wonderful cities that many desire to move to,...

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Benefits of U.S. Citizenship – Part Two

In Part One of the Benefits of U.S. Citizenship series a few fundamental citizen rights were covered, including voting rights, removal of deportation fears, and fewer restrictions on applying for family members for permanent residency. A number of foreign nationals...

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Benefits of U.S. Citizenship – Part One

Many foreign nationals focus largely on becoming United States permanent residents because they believe that permanent residency solves many of the issues they have as non-residents. While becoming a permanent resident is an achievable goal for many immigrants, and...

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How to Have the Perfect Grand Canyon Vacation

To many, the Grand Canyon may not appear to be a fun or exciting vacation destination. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, covering an area of over 1,900 square miles and contains the Grand Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, the...

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4 Key Tips for Moving to the US

Once legal permission has been obtained to move to the United States, there are a few key steps that should be followed before the move can be made successfully. Moving can be stressful even within one's own country and relocating a family and personal belongings to a...

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Best Vacation Tips for Disneyland and Disney World

There are twelve Disney theme parks located all over the world, ranging from locations in the United States (California and Florida) to a few international locations (Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China). Families from all around the world flock to these parks en masse...

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The Legacy of Chobani Owner, Hamdi Ulukaya

Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkey-born Kurdish immigrant to the United States, began his multi-billion dollar yogurt company Chobani in 2005 after seeing a newspaper advertisement for the sale of an old yogurt factory. Ulukaya, who owned a feta cheese company not far from the...

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Can Business Revenue Help Fund My EB-5 Investment?

EB-5 investment funds can be sourced from a number of places, including inheritance, gifts from family or friends, or personal savings. For a number of foreign business owners and entrepreneurs applying for the EB-5 visa, business revenue is the simplest option...

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Foreign-Born Scientists Making Waves in STEM

Many of the scientists currently working in the United States in the field of STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math) are immigrants who moved to the U.S. either to study their craft or to further their careers. Immigrants have been at the...

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4 Must-See American Beaches

The United States has a booming tourism industry, bringing in approximately 1.5 trillion dollars in 2015 alone. One of the main tourist attractions, visited by both residents or foreigners, are the many American beaches located on every coast and island of the...

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