Haim Saban is a businessman with an estimated net worth of $3 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 232nd richest person in America.

– Saban is originally from Alexandria, Egypt, but moved to Israel when he was 12.

– He attended agricultural school, served in the Israeli Defence Forces and then built a tour promotion business.

– He moved to France in 1975, where he began his media career.

– Saban eventually relocated to Los Angeles in the late 1980s and created Saban Entertainment, a producer and distributor of television programmes.

– In the 1990s, Saban’s company became best known for the production of Power Rangers, Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Big Bad Beetleborgs, which were Western adaptations of Japanese tokusatsu shows.

– “From playing bass guitar in a covers band in Israel… to my various partnerships with media companies, investment companies, governments et cetera all over the world, I’ve been extremely lucky, none of it is – was – ever taken for granted. Au contraire, I count my blessings every day for a great America.”