For anyone wanting to immigrate to the United States, getting a Green Card is one of the biggest steps towards that goal.

One type of green card that most individuals get is a conditional green card. A conditional green card is valid for two years and in order to remain a permanent resident, the individual must file a petition to remove the conditional aspect within 90 days before the card expires. The conditional green card cannot be renewed.

Generally speaking, once a person receives their conditional green card, they cannot be outside of the United States for more than six months. In addition, when the person comes back to the United States, they are not visiting the United States but returning to their country of residence. As such, it is important that the resident with the conditional green card makes sure they have an address in the United States, United States ID, and other forms of identification including credit cards.

If a person plans to be absent from the United States for more than 180 days, they can work with their immigration attorney to formulate a strategy that will allow them to still meet immigration requirements.

Coming to the United States is a long process if you want to immigrate. It can be daunting but by following the steps through the green card process, you can ensure that you are a United States citizen before you know it.