When you decide to go through the EB5 Investor Program, you are going to be enjoying a fast-tracked process towards becoming an American citizen and it all starts with that green card.

Of course, the amount of green cards through this program is not unlimited and you will want to ensure you get your investment and application in quickly so that you aren’t left out for another year.

Each year, thousands of people apply through this program with China being the biggest source of applications. In 2017, China accounted for 75 percent of all applications with 7,567. The next closest was Vietnam with 471, followed by Brazil with 282 and South Korea with 195.

In all, there are only 10,000 visas per year through this program and that is set by Congress. It is important to keep in mind this includes family. So, if you have eight family members also going with you through the program, that counts as nine visas.

China and Vietnam are typically oversubscribed as no country can use more than 7.1 percent of the visas and each regional center sets aside about 3,000 visas in total. Any unused quotas are filled by other countries, which is what allows China to have so many applications compared to all the other countries that have less than 500, and in most cases less than 100 visas coming each.

So, get your application in and get your investment ready so you can be enjoying your green card sooner rather than later.