A study shows that immigrants play a leading role in innovation and economic growth in the United States.

Key findings of the report include:

– 76% of patents at the top 10 patent-producing U.S. universities had at least one foreign-born inventor.

– Foreign-born inventors played especially large roles in cutting-edge fields like semiconductor device manufacturing (87%), information technology (84%), pulse or digital communications (83%), pharmaceutical drugs or drug compounds (79%), and optics (77%).

– The almost 1,500 patents awarded to these universities boasted inventors from 88 different countries.

The report examines the contribution of foreign-born inventors to the American economy.

From more efficient ways to purify seawater to metals that can be molded like plastic, the report highlights several immigrant inventors behind some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

These foreign-born inventors and their new innovations and new companies are advancing American industries and creating American jobs.

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2OYfpyy
Source: Big Think

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