Indian Americans number 2MN and they are probably the most successful minority group in the US.

Compared with all other big foreign-born groups, they are younger, richer and more likely to be married and supremely well educated.

On the west coast they are a mighty force in Silicon Valley; well-off Indians cluster around New York, too.

Half of all motels are owned by Indians, mainly Gujaratis.

Punjabis dominate the franchises for 7-Eleven stores and Subway sandwiches in Los Angeles.

The surge in Indians moving to America is also intimately linked to the rise of the technology industry.

Today a quarter or more of the Indian-born workforce is employed in the tech industry. In Silicon Valley neighbourhoods such as Fremont and Cupertino, people of Indian origin make up a fifth of the population.

Some 10-20% of all tech start-ups have Indian founders; Indians have ascended to the heights of the biggest firms, too.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s boss, was born in Hyderabad. Sundar Pichai, who runs Google, the main division of the firm Alphabet, hails from Tamil Nadu.

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