What Investors need to know about the EB-5 Visa:

1) What is the minimum investment amount needed to apply qualify for the Eb-5 Visa?

The amount needed is $500,000, when you invest into an approved project through a regional center into a Targeted Employment Area (TEA).

2) What are the benefits of investing into projects through a regional centre?

By Investing into a development project, you are satisfying all of the requirements of the EB-5 Visa program, without having to start and manage your own business – as the project will create the required number of jobs.

The investor can live, work or retire anywhere they want in the U.S. They are not restricted to where their investment was made.

3) What are Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs)?

A Targeted Employment Area (TEA) is an area of America that is rural or has experienced higher level of unemployment than the national average.

4) How is lawful source of funds demonstrated?

EB-5 visa regulations require that the immigrant investor demonstrate that the capital invested to participate in an EB-5 project was obtained by lawful means. Therefore, immigrant investors can rely on any documentation demonstrating the funds were obtained lawfully, such as business records, salary and payroll records, tax records, investment portfolios, sale of assets such as real estate, inheritance, gift, loan and even certifications from the immigrant investors licensed accountants and any combination of thereof. There is more than one way to successfully demonstrate the lawful source of the funds used to invest in the EB-5 project.

5) What is an accredited investor?

An accredited investor is someone who either has a NET worth of over $1,000,000 (not including main residence) OR makes $200,000 per year income OR makes a combined income with their spouse of over $300,000 per year. To qualify for the EB-5 visa program and as an accredited investor, you must meet only only of these criteria.

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