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WhitePaper: Example of EB-5 Source of Funds Report

What does “source of funds” mean, and what do you need to know before getting started? This report tells you what is required to successfully file your I-526 to begin the EB-5 application process. 

Whitepaper: Save $50,000 in Fees on Your EB-5 Application

What is an Administrative Fee and why is the industry standard $50,000?  Read to learn where this money gets spent and where can you find great projects with ZER0 administrative fees.

Whitepaper: Earning Interest on Your EB-5 Investment

The EB-5 industry is made up of investment projects that offer typically low (.25%-1% PA). The marketing materials for these projects would tell you it is to “Focus on Safety” but is there more to it?

Attorney Interview: Rohit Kapuria on Indian Retrogression

Join one of the most experienced EB-5 attorneys as he answers questions about the current state of the EB-5 industry. Rohit discusses Indian retrogression, its timeline, and its expected effects.

Guide: How to Expand your Business from India to USA

80 pages of detailed information on how to transfer your business from India to the US, or start an entirely new business. Including in this book are details of different business jurisdictions, tax requirements and visa requirements.

Attorney Interview: Vaughan De Kirby on Source of Funds

Join experienced EB-5 Immigration Attorney Vaughan De Kirby as he talks to us about the requirements of a Source of Funds report and the difficulties an investor may face.


Checklist: Documents Needed to Sell a Property to Fund Your EB-5

View the recomened documents needs when using the sale of property as  the source of funds for your EB-5 Investment.

Guide: Three Fastest way to Migrate to America

Read through the three fastest ways to migrate to America either permanently or temporarily.

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