The Other One Percent: Indians in America (Oxford University Press, 2016).

This book breaks down the fascinating story of how a population from a poor developing country with low education became the most educated, highest-income group in the world’s most advanced nation—in a single generation.

Written by by Nirvikar Singh, Sanjoy Chakravorty & Devesh Kapur.

It details how more than 3 million people of Indian origin making up 1 percent of the U.S. population came to the U.S. and how they thrived.

Indian Americans are the wealthiest and most highly educated immigrants in the country.

The flow of Indians to the United States began in 1965, when the U.S. relaxed its immigration policies.

They predict that indians will represent 2 percent of the US’s population by 2030, if current trends were to continue. More than 75 percent have arrived since the 1990s.

Coming disproportionately from the upper castes, those early migrants sought educational and employment opportunities that set in motion a pattern of success that would be replicated across generations:

• 68 percent of India-born immigrants living in the U.S. have college degrees;

• Indian immigrants are concentrated in industries like information technology;

• Their average incomes are generally higher than the average incomes associated with their level of educational attainment;

• Rates of self-employment and entrepreneurship are higher at both the high and low ends of the income scale, reflecting engagement in both hospitality and retail, as well as medicine and the high-tech industry;

• Though Indians make up 1 percent of the population, they comprise 8 percent of the founders of high-tech companies—and one-third of technology startups in Silicon Valley.

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