A non-U.S. citizen can open a checking or savings account in the United States quite easily.

Here’s a brief process on how to do that but note that some banks and states may have different procedures:

– For non-residents two forms of personal ID is needed and one of them must be a passport. Acceptable forms of secondary identification include a driver’s license, a work visa or a student ID.

– Provide Social Security number, birth date, current and past addresses, and employment information. For non-U.S. citizens, a Social Security number is not necessary for checking or savings accounts.

– If the foreign applicant is opening an account with a wire transfer, he needs proof of funds.

– The majority of banks have a brief application that gathers all identifying information.

– After submitting an application for a savings account, applicants may be asked by the institution to review the terms and conditions of the account, which may list privacy policies, fees assessed on the account and minimum funding levels.

– The applicant is likely to be required to appear in-person at the branch.

That’s it! This will usually take a few days to complete.

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