Learn how you can earn money by inviting your friends and colleagues to free, educational events at incredible venues like the Ritz Carlton.

Ellis Island Capital is a Dubai-based company offering professional, transparent, and experienced service to individuals seeking to obtain US Permanent Residency via the American Investment Immigration Program. Founded by former American diplomats and investment bankers, EIC offers a reliable and trusted path to US permanent residency for our clients.

EIC’s Ambassador Program is a reflection of the premium EIC places on personal relationships. We recognize that there is nothing more helpful than a friend or colleague telling a potential client about EIC, and inviting them to a free event to learn more.

Major Benefits to our Ambassadors
Simple introduction to clients or invitation to event, we’ll do the work
Updates on clients as required, we can confirm if/when a client finalizes agreement
Low effort way to monetize relationships Ambassadors already have
EIC can fund arrangements or venues to speak with multiple potential clients simultaneously
Generous referral/invite fees
All we ask is that any clients you refer to us are expecting our call and we will do the rest

Interested in learning more? Email apply@eb-5associates.com. We are currently seeking Ambassadors in the Gulf, South Asia, and Africa.