An EB-5 visa is a quick option for students looking to live, study and work in the United States. One of the major benefits of it is it does not require any sponsors or supporters like other visas, and also it is more foolproof and reliable.

Here are a few other benefits:

  • Processing time – Other visa categories can be slow to process visas, they may have work limitations or they may require sponsorship from a hosting company. However, with the EB5 depending on the international student’s country of origin, your visas can be obtained within a few months.

  • Investment – The minimum investment amount is currently only $500,000. For some, that may seem high, but with it, students can qualify for reduced tuition and costs for U.S. public universities AND investors may see returns on their investment in 3-5 years.

  • No sponsorship – EB-5 visa holders do not require sponsorship from host companies or places of employment.

  • Pathway to US citizenship – The EB-5 Program is a pathway to U.S. citizenship and during that time students receive most of the benefits that a U.S. citizen may enjoy.

Compare the EB-5 visas with other visa programs, where the minimum investment is only $500,000, there is no requirement for employers, sponsorships, supporters or anything, don’t forget that there are no random factors like those tricky lotteries to beat, and most of all, you can qualify for reduced tuition at public universities, all of this makes the EB5 visa a great option for foreign students.

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