If you’re thinking about studying in America, then that’s a great idea. The USA has the world’s best education. The 2018 Times Higher Education list of the world’s best universities features 15 US colleges in the top 20.

There are more than 4,000 degree-granting institutions in the U.S. that offer a wide variety of programs and many of whom actively seek internationals students. U.S. degrees are recognized throughout the world.

Here are the top 5 universities in the US right now:

1. Princeton University

Best Colleges ranking: 1

Over the last five years, it’s seen a 21 percent overall growth in international student, undergraduate and graduate enrollment. The top five countries of origin are, in this order: China, Canada, India, United Kingdom and South Korea.

2. Yale University

Best Colleges ranking: 2

Getting in can be quite the ordeal with its six percent admission rate. The upside for international students is Yale’s admission officers promise the thorough consideration your application deserves, even if you do not fit its standard bill.

3. Columbia University

Best Colleges ranking: 5 (tie)

The private institution now has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,113 who come from more than 100 countries. Hosting the fourth-largest international student population of any US university, it also offers more than 50 foreign language courses.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Best Colleges ranking: 5 (tie)

Their international cohort comes from 116 countries, making up approximately 9 percent of undergraduates and 40 percent of graduate students.

5. Stanford University

Best Colleges ranking: 5 (tie)

International students make up 11 percent of the student body with 1,700 students altogether. More than 70 languages are spoken on Stanford’s campus.

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