Roughly one in seven residents of Washington State is an immigrant, while one in eight residents is a native-born U.S. citizen with at least one immigrant parent.

Quick facts:

– In 2015, 980,158 immigrants (foreign-born individuals) comprised 13.7 percent of the state’s population.

– Washington was home to 474,417 women, 445,423 men, and 60,318 children who were immigrants.

– The top countries of origin for immigrants were Mexico (24.2 percent of immigrants), the Philippines (7.4 percent), India (6.7 percent), China (6.1 percent), and Vietnam (5.2 percent).

– In 2016, 937,578 people in Washington (13.2 percent of the state’s population) were native-born Americans who had at least one immigrant parent.

– Immigrant entrepreneurs are a critical part of Washington’s economic success story, from Main Street businesses to Fortune 500 companies they are generating high revenue and employing hundreds of thousands of people.

– The immigrants who are working in Washington also contribute to a wide range of different industries in the state, pay billions in taxes, and bolster the agriculture and housing markets.

Why you should consider living there?

– Immigration friendly.

– There are lots of cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, festivals, outdoor recreation, and great restaurants.

– They have relatively mild weather and fewer natural disasters than other parts of the United States. Residents look forward to the beauty of the seasonal changes.

– They have a variety of getaways within a few hours drive. You can enjoy a day trip or weekend getaway at the beach, the mountains, or several cities including DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York.

– Of course there is a wide variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and economic levels. Overall the population is highly educated which makes it an interesting place to live.

– And, variety of Neighborhoods to choose from. The region has everything from urban condo/apartments to suburban townhouses and single family homes to rural farmland. You can choose to live in a community that best suits your lifestyle.

Perfect place for an immigrant.

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