Weili Dai is a Chinese-born American businesswoman. Born in the early-1960s in China, Weili Dai began succeeding early, which included playing semi-professional basketball in Shanghai before she was even 17. Soon after, she moved to the United States and earned a degree in computer science from the University of California.

In 1995, she founded the Marvell Technology Group. This company produces storage, communications and consumer semiconductor products. Today, the company has 3,700 employees and is headquartered in California. Each year, the company ships out more than one billion integrated circuits and the company has a total revenue of $2.725 billion per year.

Her company is the only semiconductor company founded by a woman in the world.

Thanks to the company she founded, Dai has become one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. Previously serving as chief operating officer, executive vice president and general manager, she was also the director of the board for the company. Eventually, she would serve as president of the company.

Newsweek named Dai as one of the 150 Women Who Shake The World, and she was profiled as a leading woman by CNN. She has also received many different awards from various organizations for her business success and charity work.

While Dai only works with the company she founded in a non-management position after stepping down in 2008, that has not hurt her net worth. Today, she is worth $570 million and Forbes Magazine has named her as the 95th most powerful woman in the world.

Thanks to coming to the United States and working hard, Dai has found success and fortune through her pursuit of the American Dream.