Since 1990, thousands of immigrants have come to the United States through the EB-5 Investment Program. This program allows a person to invest $500,000 in a commercial enterprise that creates at least 10 new jobs for US workers. The investment can also be as high as $1,000,000.

In order to invest, all funds must come through lawful means. There are no exceptions to this. Funds cannot be obtained in any way through criminal activity.

Under the law put forth through the program, there are four categories of documentation that are required to prove that the funds come from a lawful source.

  • There must be foreign business registration records to back up the source of the funds.
  • There must be corporate, partnership and personal tax returns, or documents of a similar nature, that have been filed in the past five years.
  • There must be evidence that identifies other sources of capital.
  • If there have been any court judgments, pending court cases and administrative¬†proceedings within the past 15 years, there must be copies of all these reports and data.

It is important to keep in mind that extensive documentation is required to prove lawful sources of income, as well as any fee collected by the projects. If you select EIC to handle your application, that fee is waived, i.e. $50,000 IS WAIVED! Message us to learn more.