Potential EB‐5 investors can be inundated with various bits of information regarding their best investment opportunities, making the choice of investment more difficult than it needs to be. The decision to invest and where to invest can often be the major hurdle for business owners or entrepreneurs interested in submitting a petition for their EB‐5 visa. While it may seem that any established business would be perfect for investment, it is important to ensure that the business or company in which you are investing has a legitimate history of growth and development and is approved by the US Government.

One of the most popular investment areas is real estate, mostly due to the appreciation in the real estate market and the high probability of return on investment. For many real estate developers, EB‐5 investments are viewed as short‐term, low-interest loans, which can be re‐generated and returned within a five‐year period. This is beneficial to EB‐5 immigrant investors because real estate developments often see a return on investment relatively quickly and can then ‘reimburse’ the EB‐5 investor at the end of the allocated period. The type of real estate investment opportunities is vast and include everything from the remodeling of resorts to the building of apartment complexes to hotel development.

Another prevalent investment area among EB‐5 investors is the manufacturing and industrial sector, whether for construction, clothing and textiles, or product manufacturing. Within the past two years, American manufacturing companies have begun relocating more and more production and manufacturing plants back to the United States from their overseas locations, due to recent tax laws passed by the US Congress. EB‐5 investments have helped these American businesses move their companies and re‐establish their new foothold within the United States.

While real estate, hotel developments and manufacturing are at the top of the list for many potential EB‐5 investors, successful applicants often receive assistance from well‐established regional centers specializing in the EB‐5 visa. For more information on which sector of possible EB‐5 investments is best suited for you, click here to schedule a call with us!