Where could I live in the US?

Los Angeles, California

Thinking of moving to Los Angeles? If the city’s population is any measure of how much people like it, then there’s substantial evidence that living in Los Angeles is pretty great. It’s home to 3.9 million people, and 18.7 million people reside in the L.A. metro area. But what is living in Los Angeles really like: the people, attitudes, culture and economic opportunity? Can you hack big city living? Do you like warm, sunny weather? Then here are 13 reasons moving to Los Angeles may be good for you!

L.A. is a melting pot on a grand scale. Southern California is ethnically and culturally diverse; the people who live here come from everywhere. To be precise, they come from 180 countries and speak 140 languages. If you move to Los Angeles, your neighbors might be from half-way around the world or the next state over.