For many people, the Donald Trump administration indicates the beginning of the end for US based immigration programs. For example, the H-1B program has been named specifically as something that the Trump administration is not supporting. Almost certainly, the H1B program is under threat – as are many asylum programs and programs the administration perceives as “against the American worker”. That said, anyone tracking developments closely could make a strong argument that the Trump administration will be an ally of the EB-5 program.

Here’s why the Trump administration may bring in the Golden Age of EB-5

  • Trump, and his senior advisor Jared Kushner built “Trump Bay Street” in New Jersey in January 2017. The project was overseen by “Kushner Co.”, the firm that Jared Kushner ran prior to joining the Trump administration. The project raised $50,000,000 USD in EB-5 funding for the luxury development.

  • Trump is a real estate guy. EB-5 is largely a real estate program. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that he “gets” EB-5 way more than someone like Obama would.

  • EB-5 creates American jobs. This is a major campaign promise of Trump’s – to generate jobs. EB-5 is a revenue neutral way to do that.

  • Despite what some might believe– Trump is not “anti-immigrant” as it is generally understood. He is undoubtedly anti-illegal immigration – and there is wide debate over what exactly that will mean in his administration. However, at the same time, he has repeatedly endorsed the diversity and inclusiveness of the US, and his general support of legal immigration. EB-5 is a “front door” immigration program – one that rewards people for doing it right.

  • Pro-Business policies. Across the board, Trump is promising pro-growth policies. EB-5 is a strong driver of economic growth, and one can reasonably expect favorable rules and regulations with regards to the program.