The process of applying for the EB-5 visa can be made a great deal simpler when it is overseen by an EB-5 immigration attorney. The use of an immigration lawyer can help prevent the likelihood of many application complications, such as unforeseen delays or even petition denial. These issues can arise for a number of reasons; among the most common: inaccurate or incomplete business information and inadequate proof of eligible funding. While it may seem like the hiring of any type of attorney will benefit the application process, only EB-5 immigration attorneys are specialized in the field of EB-5 immigration. Only they are qualified to provide the most accurate information regarding your eligibility for the EB-5 visa while providing the proper legal support. Not all immigration attorneys are well versed in the EB-5 investor visa program and, therefore, only experienced EB-5 immigration attorneys should be utilized when applying for the EB-5 visa.

Many persons focus solely on the cost of the investment for the EB-5 visa and do not put enough care and consideration into the other aspects of the application. Financial records, family information, bank statements, and other necessary documents can often be the biggest hindrance during the petition process – hindrances which often cause lengthy delays when they occur. Although EB-5 investor visa applicants are usually very educated about the EB-5 petition, the needed information, and the monetary requirements, there may be other immigration-related hurdles that need to be cleared before the EB-5 application can be made. Assistance from a learned EB-5 attorney will help to reduce the chances of easily avoidable issues interfering with your EB-5 application.

United States immigration laws may be similar to foreign immigration laws, but they cannot be assumed to be the same. An EB-5 investor visa application should only be entrusted to a trained professional with a deep knowledge of how the EB-5 visa is awarded to recipients and what errors can cause petition rejection. EB-5 investor visa paperwork can be confusing to a petitioner, but with the guidance from the right EB-5 immigration lawyer, the process can be made smooth and, ultimately, successful.